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Bruises and abrasions

Bruises and cuts on my legs

Arm bruises

My Left Arm Smashed by Deans

Ouch! That really hurt me!

The Assault

On 8.12 2000 Peter John DEANS had committed an awful horror on me.  Peter Deans had come over to my home at No.26 and smashed me up outside my front door.  Peter DEANS had wanted to throw me out into the street and take over my worldly possessions. 

During the day, before I had come home, Peter Deans had all the locks to the doors changed in my home, so as I could not get in.

When I came home from work, as I entered the front court yard, Peter DEANS had smashed a metal gate against my legs causing bruises and abrasions on my legs. 

Then Peter DEANS had grabbed me by my right arm and hit me with his left fist across my head and then smashed my upper left arm a couple of times.  My head was spinning.

I got police photographs of the injuries of the assault. 

I got medical evidence of the assault, that is I went to the local medical centre on the night of the assault, the day after and again a few days later to detail the nature of the injuries.

Woof Woof

On the fourth day after the assault I got an interim AVO - Apprehension Violence Order at the local court. This was just so cool. This was given to protect me from Peter Deans during the period before the hearing was held in the local court.

Then I finally got my AVO in the local court.  This was even more cool. I got protection from the onslaught of Peter DEANS.

At the local court:

  • Peter DEANS had admitted that he had grabbed me by the arms and that he had swung me around; and that he realized what he was doing to me could be an assault. 

  • Peter DEANS admitted to barking at my dogs through the back yard fence while he was standing on all fours. The witness had seen this rather astounding behavior event. 

  • Peter DEANS had admitted to tampering with my letter box.  The witness had seen him do this.

Peter DEANS won his Appeal

The appeal hearing was held before Justice NIELD on 19 July 2001.  Justice NIELD said in court that when Peter DEANS admitted to grabbing me by the arms that constituted assault.  One of the conditions of the AVO was that Peter DEANS was not to come onto the property that I was living in.  Peter DEANS did so and left a book on a chair in the court yard with his name on it.  In Court Peter DEANS admitted that it was his book.  Peter DEANS had breached the AVO.

Justice NIELD dismissed the AVO Justice NIELD said that I had sustained the injuries when Peter DEANS had a scuffle with me outside my front door. As Justice NIELD left the bench, I said to him words to the effect - “Your Honor, it must be your ‘cup of tea’ to see women assaulted!

I went to the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court.  They dismissed my case and awarded costs against me.  The High Court dismissed my case. 

I am a little old lady (65 years old).  Peter DEANS is over 6’ tall and is younger than I.

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