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Door smashed in



Axe used on
top lock

The Eviction

In Septemer 2007 Justice David Jacob HAMMERSCHLAG gave orders so that Peter DEANS could evict me out of my marital home. I was given a few days to pack and leave.

On the morning of the eviction I was in Court seeking stay orders to stay the eviction. I got the stay order given by another judge. This judge took a long time to get to my case, even though he knew it was urgent.

I went home feeling rather pleased. Then when I got home I got an absolute shock. The door was smashed in.

The Sheriff had come over in the morning and smashed the door with an axe when I was in Court. I had sent a fax to the Sheriff the previous night informing him that I was going to Court first thing the following morning to stay the eviction.

I was back in Court the next day. Justice WINDEYER told me that because the eviction had been carried out before the Stay Order was issued by the other judge I could not go back to my home. 

Justice WINDEYER said that I was not to go back to my home.  Within a few seconds I was a “homeless” person. I was thrown out into the street. I ended up in a woman’s refuge. I was there for almost three months.

I had to get court orders to get my possessions. Peter John DEANS had a good time digging through all of my things. Some of my possessions were stolen.

My life style was totally destroyed by these people. I was very sad to be parted from my dear pot plants some of which I had for 35 years. I miss my garden a lot. I had grown my own vegetables. I had picked up some very good verile earthworms when I lived at Dee Why some 35 years ago. I took the colony to Mona Vale. Then I took a colony to Beacon Hill. They did very well. Now it's all gone. The gym that I had is gone. The hustle and bustle of keeping house is gone. The gardening is gone. My retirement dreams are gone. I had saved for my home since I was 18 years old.

These people are: Tania Marie Noonan, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Peter John Deans, St George Bank Limited, Chris Shea, Justice George Palmer, Justice Hammerschlag, Giselle Monika Wagner, Adrian Holmes, Sally Nash, Stephen Golledge, Katrina Dawson, Official Trustee in Bankruptcy just to name a few.

These people totally destroyed my life style



Peter Deans sold
my home
sweet home


My Home Sweet Home Sold

At the beginning of November 2007 Peter DEANS had the pleasure of selling my home.

Peter DEANS did not sell his house. Peter DEANS is rather cozy in living in the house that was purchased with my monies.

 Peter DEANS lives at No.24 – the house that was purchased with my monies.

Peter DEANS is in the process of trying to buy his home from his company - LOAN DESIGN PTY LTD - or so it is said as nothing has happened as yet, except the increased legal costs against my bankrupt estate with all the letters to and fro from Peter DEANS' solicitor [Elisabeth Houston] and Sally Nash,solicitor for the Official Trustee in Bankruptcy sucking the meat off my estate dry as a bone.

Sally NASH, solicitor for the Official Trustee in Bankruptcy, insists that Peter DEANS buys his house from the company that he owns! My home was sold on 5 November 2007. Peter DEANS has not purchased my "interest" in No.24. The "accounting" in my bankrupt estate encompassing the Consent Orders signed before Justice David Jacob Hammerschlag in July 2007 has not been finalised by the Official Trusee in Bankruptcy. If you read the Bankruptcy Act 1966 you will see that there are certain clauses whereby time limitations apply for claims! In other words Peter Deans keeps the lot!

So who is paying for Mallesons Stephen Jaques' costs? These are the solicitors who are representing Giselle Monika Wagner via Tania Maree Noonan (solicitor for Mallesons Stephen Jaques). At all times, I have had costs awarded against me. To date my costs for their bills are over $400,000. These costs can't be paid. I am a bankrupt. So who is paying their bills in relation to my case?

Work that one out, if you can!

Who is paying Mallesons Stephen Jaques' costs in relation to my case - over $400,000.00?

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